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WELCOME TO EXTREME ZEN-the complete listing of my Available Stock!

This sites Purpose:

For 20+ years I have been collecting and now I’m taking a stand to liquidate my copper and modern books.  These books were bought over years of searching and have been meticulously set aside in bags and boards.  They’re all on the block. Funds from these sales will go directly to the purchase of 1940’s and 1950’s humour books only.


My goal is to make sure that individuals on the web have a place where they can go to get Comic and Magazine Back-Issues, and Collectable Toys and know what they are buying.   I will not have anyone surprised by their purchase when it arrives.  On the site you will have a chance to browse my collection and see photo’s of the actual items. None of the photos are stock pictures-these are all photo’s taken personally and posted AS IS.   

And yes for the record - I AM BUYING COLLECTIONS.  If you have early non-heroic based books and you want to get rid of them I’m willing to take a look.


"I have been in this market for 20 years. I’m a serious collector and I’ll take the time to talk with all serious offers. I invite you to contact me for any questions you might have about my stock. Please Browse at your Leisure. I look forward to hearing from you!"

Robert MacFarlane